Monday 2 February 2015

I'm trying to sleep

Last night, I happily fell asleep on my human.

He was lying on the bed, and I curled up on his lap.
It was nice and warm, and I was purring. I fell into a deep catty sleep.

... then he moved. Selfish human. He squirmed a bit and started to turn over.
I had to open my eyes, sit up, yawn, then fully stand up and stretch... before walking in a circle, three times, and curling up next to him.

He fell asleep on his front, so I moved over and got comfy on his lower legs.
I'd not long closed my eyes, when he started wriggling again.
He was getting on my nerves.

I got up, stretched, and moved nearer his head. I curled up on his upper back and wrapped my tail round my nose.

I was in a deep sleep when he started wriggling again. I meowed, in protest, then got up and wandered down to his lower back.

I was super comfy on my human's lower back. I closed my eyes, set my ears to 'alert', and drifted off....

.... but my human woke me, yet again, by wriggling.

I was so annoyed, that I bit his bum.
He said 'ow!' and woke up, looking round at me.

I blinked my displeasure at him.

He moaned and went back to sleep.

I'd had enough of his selfishness, so I wandered over to the pillow next to him and slept there instead.

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