Friday, 29 April 2016

My tail

I was staring at my tail earlier.

It flapped.

It swished.

It flicked at the end.

It wagged.

It swished.

I got bored.

I blinked.

I had a nap.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Too short

There's something that annoys me. I thought I was quite a long cat. This means that when I stand on my back legs I become a tall cat.

I'm not quite tall enough though...

I can stretch up to the door handle in my human's room, I can reach it with the tip of my paws... but I can't pull it down to open the door - I can only flap at it.

This makes me sad.

But it does come with one advantage - I can flap and flap at the door handle until my human has to pay me attention. This is good. It means I get fed quicker.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Not a tail

I was by my human's bed today, when something caught my eye... a meece's tail. It was long, and thin, and black.

I hid round the corner from the bed, by some clothes. I watched the tail. It didn't move... sneaky mouse.

I swished my own tail, crouched down, carefully followed the tail with my eyes.... then ran out and pounced on it! It was in my front paws and I bunny-kicked with my back paws!

I'd caught it!
I'd caught it! I'd caught it! I'd... it wasn't moving. It wasn't struggling. It wasn't even trying to escape. I bit it and it didn't wriggle.

I pulled on it, it came out from under the bed a bit... and I realised it was the wire I've seen my human put into the talky thing he puts to his ear. It wasn't a tail.

I was sad.

I had a nap.

Thursday, 21 April 2016


There's this big thing that my human stands under, and it covers him with water.
I think it washes him - I've never seen him lick himself.

He used it this morning, then disappeared.

After I'd eaten, I stood by it and saw that it kept dripping. I like drips. They're interesting.

I stared up at it and waited for each drip.

It dripped.

It dripped.

It dripped.

It dripped.

It dripped.

It dripped.

It dripped.

I got tired and had a nap.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Flappy thing

I saw a flap-flap today.

I like flap-flaps - they tell me that warmer days are coming.

I followed the flap-flap with my eyes. I started to reach a paw up, but it was too high.

It flapped off into the distance. I blinked.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Funny smell

I'm not sure what's going on. A new human has been in my home. He has put weird sheets on the floor, and he stands on ladders.
He has been putting something on the walls. He reaches down into a pot, puts something in it, then rubs it all over the wall.

The walls now look different, but my home really smells. The smell is strong and gets right up my sensitive catty nose.
I've had to go to my other homes for a bit. They don't smell.

I hope the strange human, and the smell, go away soon.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Which paw?

I had to think a lot today.
I looked at my front paws and considered which one I liked more.
I really like my left paw... but I really like my right paw.
I stared at both of them.

I decided I like my left paw best.

I changed my mind and decided I like my right paw best.

I changed my mind again and decided I like my left paw best.

I then licked both of them - giving them a proper clean.

I decided I like both front paws equally.

I had a nap.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Why didn't he tell me?

I cleaned my back legs and my bum this morning. I then wandered around, indoors.

I looked at a wall for a bit.

I jumped onto a chair.

I sniffed the floor.

I even had a wee outside.

A little later on, I was sitting on a window sill, looking at my territory.
Suddenly, I saw my reflection in the window. My tongue was poking out. The last time I'd used it was when cleaning my back legs. This means my tongue had been sticking out for ages. Why didn't my human let me know? Idiot.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Belly experiment

I tried a little catty experiment today. I wanted to know the best place to lie down to receive maximum belly rubs.

I lay on my human's bed, with my belly showing, and received two belly rubs.

I lay in the middle of the floor in the big room, with my belly showing, and received one belly rub.

I lay on the floor near my favourite door to the outside, with my belly showing, and received no belly rubs. Not good.

I lay on the big, soft chair, with my belly showing, and received five belly rubs. Happy.

I lay on the floor in the food room, with my belly showing, and received one belly rub.

I like the big, soft chair.

Sunday, 3 April 2016


Today, I went outside.

It was bright.

I sat down, looked at the sun, and blinked.

I blinked again.

I blinked a bit more.

I sniffed some grass.

I watched a bee go past my face a few times.

I came back inside.

I like this time of year.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Flower dust

I saw a sparrow.
I hid behind a plant pot.
I swished my tail.
I ran out and chased the sparrow.

It ran through some yellow flowers, so I had to run through them too.

I missed it and it flew off.

I'm now covered in green stuff and little bits from the flowers.
It's making me do catty-choos. I'm not happy.