Tuesday, 22 December 2015

This time of year...

My human was in the food room, earlier.

He had some fish next to him. He seemed to be dropping it into something hot, which spat grease everywhere.

I saw that he had lots of that fish. I wanted to make sure he had less work to do, and I was hungry, so I waited till he was turned away from me, then jumped up and grabbed a piece. It was salmon. Yum.

I ran away. I ate my salmon. I was happy.

I like this time of year. All humans seem happier, and I have lots of naps.

I think I'll nap quite a bit over the next few days. I may not type much. Sleep, food, attention - these things are important.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Catty gas

I think I ate my beef in jelly too quickly. My little tummy is a bit bloated and I have catty wind. I can't help it. It smells quite meaty.

My human came over, a little while ago, to pat my head... and I let out a little wind.
He said; 'Eugh! Clive! Stinky cat!' ... then he went away.

I didn't mean to do it. I'm just a bit gassy. Hopefully it'll go away soon.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Deep conversation

I woke up from a nap, earlier, and saw my human.

I blinked at him.

He blinked back at me.

I blinked at him.

He blinked back at me.

I blinked at him.

He blinked back at me.

I blinked at him.

He blinked back at me.

I blinked at him.

He blinked back at me.

I blinked at him.

He blinked back at me.

I had another nap.

Monday, 14 December 2015


The sun is out.

A bit of it has reached a wall, indoors.

I sat and stared at this wall for catty hours.

The sun was in two square blocks on this wall. It was golden. There was a little bit of orange.

These two blocks kept moving slightly.

I stared at them.

I stared at them.

I stared at them.

I got bored.

I had a nap.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

A lucky escape

My human left the door to the food room open. This made me happy.

I waited until he went to another room, then quietly padded into the food room.

My catty nostrils couldn't tell if there was good food on the surfaces, so I decided to jump up and see.

There was very little.... but something in a plastic bag. It smelt like food. I had to see what it was.

I bit the bag a few times and managed to get through the plastic... and it was bread. Not what I wanted.

Then I heard my human coming back. He doesn't like me on the surfaces.

I jumped down, rolled onto my back, showed my tummy, and tucked my front paws in... just as he came into the food room.

He saw me, and I gave a cute, squeaky meow.
He said; 'Clive, what are you doing in here?'... then he rubbed my belly.

I was happy. I blinked.

I don't think he's seen the bitten bread yet...

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Why didn't he stop me?

I was sleeping at the top of my favourite comfy chair. It's very tall, but I like to sleep on the top bit.
I can spread out and see all of my territory.

I had my eyes half open, and my human came towards me.

I needed attention and I sensed that belly rubs may be on their way.

I stretched out my front paws, blinked, let out a squeaky meow, rolled over... and fell off the top of the chair.

I managed to sit up, quickly, and pretend that I needed to lick my shoulder clean... but why did my human not stop me rolling over? It's his fault that I fell off.

I stared at him, walked off, and went to sleep in another room.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Oh, the struggle...

My human was gone for what felt like catty years.

I can't say exactly how long he was away, but it went dark, then light, then dark, then light again.

I stared out of the window.

I yawned.

I meowed and meowed for him.

I craved ear scratches and chin tickles.

Oh, the loneliness.

Oh, the lack of attention.

I thought he was gone forever.

He returned, today, and I meowed, and headbutted his hand.

I then demanded food, with my loudest meows possible.

I didn't feel the need to see him after that. I have gone outside to do catty dirt.

Friday, 4 December 2015

No rubbing?

Something occurred to me while I was dribbling on my front paws: how do humans know that something is theirs? How do they know that they own something?

I rub my face and body on chairs, table legs, doors, door frames, plant pots, cupboards - covering them in my lovely catty scent.
When I sniff them, I know they're mine. They smell of me.

I've never seen my human, or any other human, do this.
I've  never seen my human rub his face over his bed, his computer, the table he sits at.
How does he know what's his? What if another human walked in and rubbed their face on his things - he wouldn't own those things anymore.

I've tried to show him how to scent mark, but he doesn't seem to pay attention. Silly human.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Tough Day

It's been a hard day for me.

I decided to jump onto the back of my favourite, soft chair, then lay down to survey my territory from the warmth of the indoors.

While resting my chin on my paws, I watched a leaf blow from one side of my territory to the other, then back again. It did this seven times.

I watched the branches of tree shake.

I saw a magpie land, then take off, then land again.

At one point, I had to change position. I wasn't quite comfortable, so I moved my head to the left.

My human came over and tickled my chin on three occasions. I allowed him to do this.

It's been a tough day. I wonder what tomorrow will bring...