Thursday 19 February 2015

Catty-choo dust

I was napping, when I heard the famliar sound of my human opening a tin of tuna.

My little catty ears went up, I had a good stretch, then I went to see him / the tuna.

He sat on a chair and did something I've not seen him do before - he twisted two strange objects over the bowl of tuna.
A white-ish dust fell out of one object and a grey dust fell out of the other one.

I wanted to see what this stuff was, and have some of my human's tuna.

I kept trying to get close to the bowl, but my human kept pushing me away.

Finally, I got much closer to the bowl. I started creeping up on it, and sniffing. I sniffed some of the grey dust that was near it .... and it got stuck up my catty nose.

I tried to get it out of my catty nose, but it tickled and itched... and it wouldn't go away.
I had to do a catty-choo... then another catty-choo... then another catty-choo.

I had to jump down and away from the tuna bowl

I did more catty-choos.

I went and sat on a chair, and kept catty-chooing. My nose wouldn't stop feeling all tickley.

Catty-choo, catty-choo, catty-choo. In the end I was exhausted.

I had nap.

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