Monday, 25 February 2019


I went over to see one of my other humans earlier.

I got to their front door and sat down.

I meowed.
I meowed more loudly.
I meowed and scratched at their door.
No-one came to let me in.

I decided to sit and stare at the door.

Eventually, a human opened it and said 'oh, what are you doing here?'

I walked through the door, straight past him. 
I headed for the the food room, found the tall white thing, and sat in front of it - waiting for food.

Thursday, 21 February 2019


I went for a nap in the sleeping room that the humans don't use as much.
I circled eight times, then settled down into a comfy napping position.

At some point, one of my humans came along and shut the door to the room.
I wasn't worried, as I thought they'd open it again.
They didn't.

When I'd finished napping, I wanted to leave the room, but I couldn't. I also needed a wee.
I tried meowing loudly.
I tried scratching at the door.
I tried to reach the door handle.

I was getting really stressed. The need for a wee was urgent.

I don't like humans seeing my wee. I either do them at the back of the garden or I bury them in the wee tray.

In the end I didn't have a choice, as neither human opened the door. I had to wee on the floor. This made me sad.

Eventually a human opened the door and said 'Oh Clive, you've been in here the whole time - I'm so sorry'.

I ran out, went downstairs, and hid under a table.

I don't like being trapped in a room. I hope my humans don't do that again.

Tuesday, 19 February 2019


My humans left some strange objects on the table, so I had to investigate them.

I went up to the wiry things and sniffed them.
Then I pawed at them and jumped back.
Then I clawed them for a bit.
Then I wiped my face on them so they smelt of me.

I went up to the big thing and sniffed it.
I gave it a catty headbutt and it fell over. Stupid thing.

I turned around three times and had a nap next to the objects.

Monday, 11 February 2019

New plant

The humans have changed something. They've bought a new plant into the house. There was no warning that this was going to happen.

It's a weird, green, spiky thing.

I've been up to it and sniffed it. 
I've rubbed myself against it.
I've batted the leaves with my paws.
I bit one of the leaves.

I'll leave it alone for now, but I may have to bite it again if I don't like it.

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Rear view

I was watching my tail today.

I watched it flick left.

I watched it flick right.

I watched it flick left.

I watched it flick right.

I watched it flick up.

I watched it flick left.

I licked it.

I watched it flick right.

Then I wondered - is my tail part of me or is it a separate thing?

I licked it again.

Monday, 4 February 2019

Yellow stuff

My humans were eating yesterday, so I went over to see them, or to see what they were eating.

I sat down next to them and pawed towards their plates, until they said 'no, Clive'.

My male human gave me something green to sniff. I didn't want it.

My female human gave me a bit of meat. It was beef. Mmmmm.

My male human gave me a round thing to sniff. It didn't smell of meat. I left it.

Then I pawed at a yellow thing on the table. 
My male human held it out for me to sniff.
I sniffed it and ... whooooop. Too strong. Catty nose spasms.

I did a catty-choo, then another catty-choo, then another catty-choo.
Then I had to do catty headshakes.

What was that yellow stuff?
Why would humans have it with food?
Why did my human hold it out for me to smell?