Friday 6 February 2015

Weird white dust

I was bored and was wandering round the room where my human has his human toilet.

I sniffed all corners of the room and rubbed myself against the walls.

I jumped up onto the human toilet and found some bottles and tubs balanced above it. I decided to paw them.

A fairly small container fell to the floor. I decided to bat it about for a bit.

I kept batting it about, then realised that there was white dust everywhere, and a cloud of white dust in the air ... and my fur was now grey.
I also started to catty-choo, as the dust got right up my little catty nose.

I don't know what this stuff was. The container said 'Talcum Powder' on it. It wasn't food.

I decided to go somewhere else and clean myself - my human will get rid of the strange dust.

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