Saturday, 30 June 2018

Bird or wind?

I has a confused.

I've been watching a bush for ages.
The top of it keeps moving.

I keep staring at it.

It keeps moving.

I look away.

I hear it move again.

I stare at it.

Is it the wind making it move... or is there a bird in there?

I keep staring.

I keep staring.

I keep staring.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Hungry friend

I has a friend.
My friend is a girl cat.
I let her into my territory.
Sometimes we rub noses. Sometimes we just blink at each other.

My human puts biscuits in a bowl for me, but I don't like the ones he keeps getting... so they stay in the bowl.

My friend likes the biscuits though, and she gets hungry.
I have decided that she can eat my biscuits, so she comes into my house to get them.

Sometimes my human catches her doing this, and says 'naughty cat'.

I don't mind though. I've usually eaten at four other houses during the day.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Lots to sniff

My human has a special room that he doesn't go into that often.
It's a weird room. It's outside, but inside.

But when he opens the door to this room, he leaves it open for most of the day.

This is good, because there's so much in this room - so many things to sniff and rub against.

There are boxes to sniff.
There are bits of wood to sniff.
There are metal things to sniff.
There are chairs to sniff.
There's the grass cutter to sniff.
There are pots to sniff.

There are also so many things I can hide behind.

I like this inside-outside room.
I wish my human would open the door more often.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

No meows

It's warm again.
Very warm.
In fact, I've decided it's too warm to meow... it takes too much energy.

I've seen my human a few times, and have blinked at him.

I've seen other humans, and have blinked at them too.
I have also swished my tail a bit, and rubbed against walls and plants.

I don't mind purring, but meowing is too much effort.

I'll meow again when it cools down a bit.

Monday, 25 June 2018

More ways in

I like it when it's warm outside.
When this happens, humans leave more things open, which means it's easier for me to wander into different houses.

I can jump through windows, walk through back doors, walk through open gates, walk into different rooms.

I like this. It means I can easily get into places, get food, then leave again.
Then I can go and lie down, with the warms on my belly.

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Inside Outside

It is hot today.

I want to stay cool...
...but I want to be outside...
...but it's too bright outside...
...but I want to look across my territory...
...but I want to be near food.

I has decided on the best solution.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Silly dog

I was sitting near the house of one of my favourite humans, blinking at the sun, when another human came along, with a dog.

The dog was pulling away from his human, on that weird string dogs have to be kept on.

It was a strange dog. It had a squished face and pointy ears.

It came towards me, sniffing and growling.
I stayed where I was.

When it got to me, it started barking lots.
It was in front of me - barking, and barking, and barking.

I stared at it, then blinked.

It kept barking.
I stayed where I was.

It kept barking.
It was getting on my nerves.
I swiped at it with my paw, and it made a funny noise.

Its human said 'come on, boy - leave the cat'.
They both walked off.

I sat.
I blinked.

Idiot dog.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Green stuff

My human brought some things home, in a bag.
These things smelt of food.
This is because they were food.

I followed my human around - looking up at him and meowing.

He took out a tub of something, and put it on the table.
It was green stuff.

I wanted to know what the green stuff was. Was it good food?

I meowed at my human, so that he'd give me some.
He didn't.

I meowed louder.

I jumped up on the table.
I wanted the green stuff.

I went over to the green stuff.
I sniffed it.
It was horrible.

I walked off.

Idiot human.