Thursday 26 February 2015

An awkward itch

I've had a difficult morning.

I woke up, finished dribbling on the bed, had a stretch, then licked my bum for a bit, but ... after that, I noticed something annoying: I had a really itchy tongue.

I tried licking my claws, as I thought this would make the itch go away. It didn't.

After that, I tried to lick the side of the bed, but my tongue was still itchy.

I attempted to lick a few door frames, but just couldn't get rid of the itchiness.

I then went over to my human, gave his leg a catty head-boop, and started to lick a chair leg.
I licked it with all my might, to get rid of the itchiness, but it made no difference.
My human said 'stop being weird, Clive', then gave my chin a tickle.

I have decided to go outside and see what I can find to lick.
I hope my tongue isn't itchy forever.

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