Wednesday 4 February 2015

I'm cold

My human is stupid.

It's very cold at the moment. When I go out, my little catty nose is freezing and I sometimes get frost on my whiskers.

When I want to come back indoors, I want to be let in quickly.

Yesterday, I came home and meowed at the front door to be let in. I meowed, and meowed, and meowed, but my human didn't seem to hear me.

My bum was getting cold, so I ran to the side door, down an alley, and meowed outside that. I did my best, helpless, 'let me in' meow. Still no sign of my human.

My bum was getting cold again, so I ran to the back door and meowed there. I started to truly sing the song of my people and combine this with lots of pawing at the door.

Finally, my human approached the door and opened it. I sniffed the door frame, to check it was okay, then trotted into the house, giving my best 'I'm annoyed' meow before leading my human to my food bowl.

Stupid human.

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