Tuesday 10 February 2015

Many catty returns :)

It's my catty birthday! It's my catty birthday! It's my catty birthday!

Happy catty birthday to me!

I woke up my human by repeatedly sniffing his ear. I was too excited to stay asleep.
He patted me on the head so I bit him.

After that, he got up, gave me a cuddle, and put some biscuits out for me, then he wandered off... and came back with chicken - proper, fresh chicken.
Sometimes I quite like my human.

After my chicken, I had a nap - then I cleaned all of my fur so that it smelt of chicken.

I went to lick my catty balls, as a special treat, then realised that I don't have any.

I chased some shadows and dust for a bit, then my human got ready to go out.

I am now going on a birthday hunt. I will let you know how this goes.

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