Sunday 8 February 2015

Human has chicken

I was asleep on a chair, a little earlier, but I heard the sound of a plastic lid being removed from a tub full of chicken.
This put my catty senses on high alert; my ears stood up, my nose twitched, my eyes opened ... then I had a stretch and wandered over to my human.

First I just stared at him and wiggled my nose, trying to look cute.

I jumped onto a chair next to my human, and continued to stare at him, occasionally blinking.
I tried to jump up onto the table, where the chicken was, but my human said 'no, Clive' and pushed me back down. I meowed in protest.

I got down from the chair and sat on the floor immediately next to my human.
I opened my eyes wide and stared at him, pleading for chicken. I added a few 'I'm sad' meows.

I tried rubbing against his legs for a bit, then I placed both front paws on one of his legs. I forgot to pull my claws in, so my human said 'Ow! Shit!'

I went back to just staring at my human and meowing. In the end it worked and he gave me a big piece of chicken.
I was happy and I purred.

Catty persistence always pays off.

I like chicken

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