Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Freeeedom!... nearly

I was sleeping upstairs earlier, when I heard my human's voice... and another human's voice... and I felt a breeze... which meant air was coming in from somewhere... from the outside...

I slowly crept downstairs, keeping low.

I got to the bottom of the stairs.
I could see my human. I could still hear the other human.
I could feel air and smell outside smells... the door was open!

I got closer to my human... and he saw me.
He said 'no, Clive' and put his foot in the way. I tried to go round it, but my human was too quick, and closed the door.

I think the other human was confused.

My human carried me to another room.

When I left that room, the other human had gone and the door was closed.
I pawed and pawed at the door, and meowed, but it was no good.

I was annoyed with my human.

I have since spent my time flapping at paper, clawing plastic bags, clawing the bed, and sitting on things that look like they'd be important to my human.

Monday, 28 August 2017


I has a bored.
I've explored all of the rooms in the new place and found my favourite napping spots, but I've seen a new territory out of the windows, and I want to go outside.

I want to have outside wees and poos.

I want to mark my territory.

I want to have outside sniffs.

I want to see which plants are good to sit under.

I want to see if there are catty friends or enemies on my territory.

I has a sad.

During the day, I sit by the big window, where it's sunny, and look out.
I turn round and meow at my human, but he doesn't let me outside.

At night, I look out of the window with the big shelf to sit on.
I swish my tail and stare at things.
My human still doesn't let me outside.

I want to see and sniff my new territory.

I shall meow at my human, and sit on things he needs, until he lets me outside.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Less confused

I has had lots more sniffs of this new place, and I'm a bit less confused now.

Not everything smells of me yet, but I'm getting used to it.
I has some new favourite places.

I like the big flat bit, right at the top of the big, long, bumpy thing. This place is good for naps, and I can watch the humans by looking down on what they're doing.

I like the corner of the bed in the room my human first put me in - it gets lots of sun, so I has warms when I nap.

I like the long shelf that's by a big window. I can look out of this window, at my new territory.
I has a bored - my human hasn't let me outside yet.
I have been doing bigger, smellier poos, in my poo box, to let him know I'm unhappy.

I also like the soft, green chair. It's good for napping and dribbling on.

I'll rub my face on more doors and chairs and see if this makes me happy.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Even more confused

My human kept me in the strange room for a long time.

He kept coming in to give me ear scritches, food, and to take away my poo.

I was confused, so I had lots of naps and kept quiet.

The female human kept coming in too.
I like her - she gives good chin tickles.

I had a bored though.
Eventually my human came into the strange room and said 'come on, Clive'.

He left the door to the room open, so I walked out of it.

I had a big confused.
Everything was different, and big, and weird ... and nothing smelt of me.

The floor was soft. I used to walk on hard floor.
The walls were brighter.
Rooms were completely different.

I walked into one room and had sniffs.
I left that room and went into another room. I had more sniffs.
I swished my tail and looked up at my human. He said 'it's okay, Clive'.

Then I finished sniffing the rooms and realised there was a big, long, bumpy thing to walk down... and even more rooms.

There was a big window. I looked out of it.
I wanted to go outside.

I walked in and out of all the other rooms. None of the corners had any catty scent on them.

I kept staring up at my human.
I meowed at him.

It was lots to take in.
I went upstairs and had a nap.

Monday, 21 August 2017

So confused

I has a confused.
Lots of strange things have happened.

My human put me in the big, weird, plastic box yesterday - the one that normally means I'm going to see the catty doctor.
Then he put me in the vroom, which started moving.
I don't like this... but I felt quite calm... there was a nice catty scent in the car and my human kept saying something about 'Feliway'.

The female human sat with me, so I had a happy for a bit.

Then it felt like I was in the box for ages, so I got stressed and started meowing.

The female human kept saying 'it's okay', and stroking my nose through the bars on the box.

Then the vroom stopped.

My human carried the box into a place that smelt all strange, and put it down in a room.
He opened it, to let me out... and everything was new and weird.

I hadn't seen this room before.
Things were different colours. Boxes were in different places. Nothing smelt of me.
I had an anxious. I swished my tail. I sniffed things.

My human said 'it's okay, Clive', and gave me an ear scritch.

There was a poo and wee box in the room, some water, and some food.
I ate the food.

I had some more sniffs.
I stared at my human.

I found my old catty bed, but I didn't want to sleep on it.
I saw a strange bed and jumped up onto it. I found a comfy corner of it and had a nap.

I've been in this strange, new room for a while.
My human keeps coming in and giving me chin tickles and food.

I has a confused.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Maximum belly rubs

I has a happy.
I has had lots of naps in lots of different places today.

Sometimes I like ear scritches, chin tickles, and belly rubs when I'm napping.
But sometimes this annoys me and I put my paws over my face and curl up.

Sometimes I like maximum belly rubs though.

Today, I wanted maximum belly rubs while I napped.

I stretched out in full, waited for my human, then blinked and meowed at him.
He did as he was told.
I has a happy.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Human claws

I was looking at my human's claws today, on his upper paws, and I noticed that they were shorter than when I saw them yesterday.
I blinked at my human to show him that I'd seen this.

I has a confused though.
I never see him clip them, and I've never seen another human clip them for him. How did they get shorter?

I never see him scratch anything with them, either - not a chair, a bed, or a tree. How does he know what he does and doesn't own?

And his claws don't retract. They just stay there at the end of his paws.
What's the point of human claws?
Humans are odd.


Saturday, 12 August 2017

Human returns

I has had a confused.
My human hadn't been around for a long time, and I didn't know why.

Then - yesterday - he appeared.

I walked in, walked past him, pretended I wasn't interested in him, and led him to my food bowl.
He put out some cod in jelly. Good human.

After I had my cod in jelly, I demanded some more cod in jelly.

Then I jumped onto my human's bed and fell asleep near him.
Later on, I moved and slept on his face.

I have now gone outside to nap on the mud.

I'm glad my food-giver, belly-rubber, and chin-tickler has returned... but I won't let him know this.