Monday 2 March 2015

Strictly on the left

My favourite cushion has been moved.

This is a disaster.

It is red and brown, and is always, always on the left of my favourite chair.

Today, it was on the right.

I meowed and meowed my dissatisfaction to my human - I was very unsettled by this development - but he did not seem to understand my concerns.

I clawed chairs and pawed door frames, and continued to meow to show how anxious I was.

Eventually, my human said 'what the bloody hell is wrong with you?' and picked me up, then carried me over to my favourite chair and plonked me on it.
In doing this, he accidentally knocked the cushion over to the right side.

This made me happy.

I stopped meowing.

I wrapped my tail around my nose and had a nap.

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