Tuesday 2 December 2014

Human on a screen

I has been out for a few days. I found a lady human who has nice prawns. They came in a plastic thing that said 'M & S organic, Honduran prawns'. I'm not sure what this means but it sounded nice and the prawns tasted good.

I got a bit bored with this lady human, so came home last night.

When I came in, my human was doing something strange, but I wanted his attention immediately. I wanted - and deserved - some affection and food. He was busy, though.

He was speaking to another human on a flat screen. I didn't fully understand. I could hear and see this other human, but she wasn't in the room.
My human was also on the screen, even though I was sitting with him.

I realised he was looking towards something, and that thing put him on the screen, so I went to it and sniffed it. Then I gave it a catty headbutt. Then I turned round and showed it my bum, and swished my tail for a bit.

The female human on the screen made lots of funny noises like 'aaah Clive!' and 'helloooo Clive!'
I decided to sniff the screen again.

After a while, my human picked me up (I was having fun, so this annoyed me a bit) and put me down at the end of the bed.
His legs were warm so I fell asleep on them. I was happy.

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