Thursday 4 December 2014

I got 99 problems but an itch ain't one

Humans - how do you get rid of itches?

I've had a look at how you're set up and I can't work it out. How do you get your legs to the back of your ears?

I had itches yesterday. I rubbed myself against every door frame and that helped for a bit.
Then I rubbed myself against my human. I think he thought I was being affectionate. I wasn't. I just wanted to get rid of my itches.

A little bit later - after a nap - I had itches behind my ear. I had to use all of my catty might to pull my back leg up and have a good old scratch until the itches went away.
My human then took over. He scratched my ears until I fell asleep. This was nice. No more itches.

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