Wednesday 26 November 2014


I has seen a cat on the internet. His name is Oscar. His human leaves a glass of water out for him.

Sometimes my human leaves glasses of water around, but my face is too fluffy for me to get my head into them.

He also leaves me a bowl of water next to my food. This is stupid. As a cat, I don't like my water that close to my food. It's always the wrong temperature too, and I don't like the bit of floor on which the bowl sits - it's too shiny.

I have better places to go for a drink, outside. There are two puddles I always go to. They taste nice.
There's also an empty plant pot that someone has left outside their house. This is my second favourite place to drink from.

If it hasn't rained for a bit, a house a few doors away has a small pond at the front - I go there for a drink.
I once licked a fish by mistake. It didn't taste good. It wasn't tuna.

I'm going out now.

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