Sunday 14 December 2014

Why all the running around?

I settled down, about an hour ago, for a nice, cosy nap.

I was on my human's bed (which is my bed, really... as is any chair, sofa windowsill, doorway), on a pillow, happily dribbling on my front paws, when my human starts running past me, backwards and forwards.

He kept lifting things up and looking underneath them, or just chucking them up in the air, and saying 'for fuck's sake'.
I'd hear him shouting, and moving things around, in other rooms.

I'm not sure what he was up to, but he was disturbing my nap. I wasn't happy.

Eventually, he came up to me (I purred, expecting some attention) and rudely lifted me up, shouting 'for fuck's sake - there it is! Three missed calls - thanks Clive!' 

He then walked off, holding something to his ear. I don't know what it was, but I was annoyed that he'd woken me up. I'm going to stand on his lap and point my bum at his face, later.

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