Wednesday 10 December 2014

Please try to understand

Humans - I often find myself frustrated by your inability to understand the meaning behind individual meows. Could you please take note of the following:

'Meow' - this means 'hi' and may be followed by us rubbing against your legs... if you're not too far away.

'Meow' - we're just thinking out loud. There is no need to give us attention, ruffle our head, or do anything else.

'Meowwwww' - If there's no catflap, this means 'let me in, it's cold/rainy/the wrong type of wind'

'Meowwwwwww' - 'I'm hungry and in urgent need of food... now!'

'Meowwwwwwwwwwww' - 'What's wrong with you? Did you not just hear me ask for food?'

- 'If I don't receive food within the next five seconds, I may die'

'Meowww' - 'I want to play'

'Meowwwww' - 'I want to play for a bit, then claw your hand to bits'

There are many more meows, but these ones are the most important. Please pay attention to them.

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