Saturday 20 December 2014

Kill! Oh...

I had a disappointing morning.

I was hiding in some bushes, when I saw a sparrow across the garden.

It kept moving, on the spot, backwards and forwards in the wind.

I kept my eyes on it, got down low - nearly on my belly - and walked to where I could get a better view through the bushes.

I managed to crawl to some plant pots, unseen, and crouch down behind them.

The bird stayed in the same place.

I kept my eyes on it and swished my tail - getting ready.

I put all my weight on my front paws, pushing my chest and head forward.

Now was the time...

I launched myself, ready for the kill!

I reached the sparrow before it even had time to look up. It didn't move.

I went into a catty death roll with it, bunny kicking it with my back claws.

It didn't struggle.

It didn't struggle because it wasn't a sparrow. It was a dead leaf.

I stopped bunny kicking.

I looked around, licked my shoulder, then came home and ate some biscuits.

I am now going to have a long nap to forget about that leaf.

Not a sparrow...

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