Sunday 2 November 2014

What has happened to my human?

I've been out all night, hunting and meeting lady cats, and have just come in.

I went to find my human, immediately: I was hungry and I needed some attention.

I found him on his bed, but something isn't quite right. I have tried nose-nudging his face, sticking my cold nose in his ear, pawing him, and meowing right next to him, and I've had no response. He's just face down, lying still. I did manage to get an 'mmmm' from him, but that's it.

He smells funny too. He smells of food, drink, and smoke.
He also smells of other cats. I can detect three different cat scents. I'm not happy with this. I may have to shred a book to show how unhappy I am.

For now, I will try to see if I can hold off starvation, while my human remains unresponsive. Actually, I'll just have a nap.


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