Tuesday 4 November 2014

I got a bit bored...

I got a bit bored last night, while my human was sleeping. I did try running around for a bit, pouncing on shadows and bunny kicking a couple of plastic bags, but this didn't last.

Then I spotted something that I've seen you humans use. I think it's called a 'phone'. It was next to my human, on the bed.
I pawed and swiped at it, then a screen came up and there was an image of a very handsome, black cat on it. I realised that this was an image of me.

I pawed the phone again, and it made a strange sound, and the image of my face was recorded on the phone.
I've seen pictures like this online. Humans call them 'selfies'.

So, I must've been taking cat selfies, or 'catties'.
I'm so clever ... and handsome.

Here are my attempts at taking 'catties':

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