Thursday 30 October 2014

Belly rubs

I like belly rubs. They're nice. They make me feel all fuzzy.

Humans need to be better at reading cat signals when it comes to belly rubs, though.

If I am having sleeps and a human walks in, I will sometimes open my eyes, roll onto my back, tuck my front paws in, and look cute: this indicates that you should now rub my belly (although I look cute whether I'm doing this or not).

When you approach, I may let out a little meow to say 'go ahead - rub my belly'.
A gentle belly rub is nice, and I'll show this through purring, closing my eyes, and tucking my paws in a bit more. I may dribble, as well.

However, humans, you need to know when it is time to stop.
Sometimes I will allow you three or four rubs, but this is all I want. If you carry on, I will have to bring my claws together, and my teeth - and attack your hand.

Sometimes, you're not quite rubbing the correct spot. This is annoying and will also result in clawing and biting.

Sometimes I'll think 'oooh, prey' - mistaking you for a mouse or bird - and bunny kick the life out of your hand.

Sometimes I just change my mind, after a couple of rubs, and realise that I didn't really want a belly rub. This will lead to biting.

I do like belly rubs, but humans must learn to read catty signals better.

That is all.

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