Tuesday 11 November 2014

Thanks human

I came in from hunting last night (all the meeces are sleeping, it was boring) and decided that I needed a wash.

I curled up on my favourite cushion, and started carefully cleaning my fur...

Tail first: flatten down the end, then lick up to the base.

Next, I cleaned my bum, lifting one leg carefully over my head.

After this, I cleaned my back legs - gnawing a tricky patch in the middle of one of them.

I then moved on to the side of my body, being careful to tuck my front paws in, followed by my belly.

Next, I carefully cleaned my shoulder and as much of my neck as I could reach.

I turned my attention to my front paws, cleaning the furry parts, then the pads, then - one by one - nibbling between my claws (bits of mud and meeces always get stuck there).

Finally, I licked my right front paw and used it to rub my face, and my ears, clean.

I was very pleased with my work.

Then my human came along, blew a raspberry on my belly, and - before I could claw his face - ruffled the fur on my side and stroked my head.

Stupid human. I had to start cleaning myself all over again...

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