Thursday 13 November 2014


It's windy outside. I don't like wind.

I was on the prowl, looking for some starlings and the pretty Persian next door.

The wind kept pushing my whiskers back, which I don't like. When I tried to walk forwards, all my fur was being pushed back.
Then a big leaf hit me in the face. I had to do a big head shake to recover, then lick my paw to look graceful.

I wandered over to my favourite scratching tree, but some more leaves followed me and hit my back legs. I thought I was being attacked so I ran across the garden, then stopped to lick my other front paw.

I tried to jump over the fence, to see if my pretty Persian was about, but when I got to the top the wind was too strong and I fell over the other side.
When I came back inside, I had mud and bits of tree stuck in my fur.

I wasn't happy, so I went to my litter tray and spread the litter all over the bathroom.

This made me feel much better.

I am now going for a nap.

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