Thursday 20 November 2014

Big growling thing

I'm a good cat to my human.

I always curl up on his head to keep him warm at night, I rub against his legs to let him know that I own him, I shred any bits of paper that I think he doesn't need, and I tidy up food for him.

I also like to greet him when he comes home
- mainly because I'm hungry.

There's something I don't understand. I hear him coming towards home in this thing that growls. Sometimes its eyes are on fire. I think it's called a car. I've seen them before, but moving much quicker than this.

To show my human how happy I am to see him, I run in front of this thing as it comes right up to home, then I sit down, ready to have my head patted and my ears scratched.
My human doesn't seem to understand this, and the thing just growls and growls, louder and louder
I don't want growls, I want chin tickles and belly rubs.

In the end, I always have to stop sitting in front of the thing and run to the side. My human then moves further forward and the thing stops growling.

After that, I can rub my human's legs to claim what's mine and meow and meow until I get fed.

I quite like my human. He's okay.

Mmmm, tuna.

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