Sunday 26 October 2014

A busy afternoon

I was inside for a bit, and bored, so I decided to claw my human's bed.

My human shouted at me. I didn't like this, so let him know with a sharp meow, and by turning my back on him and showing him my bum

I then went into another room and chased some shadows and bits of dust for a bit. I accidentally skidded into a table, which made a noise so my human came in and shouted 'Clive! What's wrong with you?'
I didn't have an answer, so I licked my shoulder.

My human then opened the door for me. I was feeling full of energy, so I ran outside.

I sat on some grass, then - without warning - I had a catty brain spasm and ran across the grass, to the other side, for no particular reason. It was fun though. When I got there, I stopped and licked my paw.

A few minutes later, I had another catty brain spasm, and ran back across the grass again, then stopped.

I then noticed that a nearby tree had leaves falling off it, so I sat underneath it and stared up at it for an hour.

I have now come back inside and will be having a nap. It's been a busy afternoon.

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