Wednesday 22 October 2014

I haz cheese

I don't get humans. You leave yums lying around and get angry when they're eaten.

I was pretending to be asleep on a chair when my human went past me, carrying something that made my nose twitch and my ears go up.

Human started eating the thing he was carrying. This meant it was food. I like food.

Human made a 'tut' noise, got up, and walked away from his food.

He walked past me, and I shut my eyes tight and breathed a little slower.

I saw him disappear into the food room, where he seems to make all of his yums, so I quickly sat up, stretched, jumped down from my chair, then jumped onto the table.

Human had left his yums unguarded. I sniffed it and it was bread, with cheese in between.
Cheese! I really like cheese. Cheese is good.

I had a little nibble of the bread, but the cheese was too good to resist. I grabbed a piece between my teeth and started pulling it out from between the bread.

I nearly had the whole piece of cheese in my mouth, when human came running in - now carrying a drink - and shouted 'oi!'
I panicked and tried to run off with the cheese, but didn't get the whole piece - I had to leave some behind.

I heard human shout 'Clive!', after me, so I hid in another room and munched my cheese. Happy.

I don't understand though - why do you humans leave things like cheese around, if you don't want me to eat it? Strange.

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