Monday 13 October 2014

Type. Sniff. Meow. Hunt.

I was bored last night. My human was asleep and kept moving, so I decided to start my own blog.

I tried sleeping on his feet, but he kept moving. I tried sleeping between his legs, but he moved again. Then I tried sleeping on his head, but he got all fidgety. I didn’t see why he should be asleep while I was awake, so I found something that said ‘Evening Standard’ across the top, and started shredding it to bits.
This woke him up, so I headbutted him in the face and requested food. Several more headbutts didn’t seem to get him up, so I sang the song of my people for a bit. Still no joy.

I decided to wander round the room instead. I sniffed something on the floor, but it wasn’t chicken. I found something that was ticking. I put a paw on it and a light came on, so I sniffed it. It wasn’t chicken. I pawed it a few more times though. I quite liked the light.

Now I was really bored, so I decided to go out for a wander and see if there were any autumn meeces left to kill. I did well last night - caught two. One of them was a clean kill, the other was a bit messy. I still had a few bits of mouse guts round my chops when I came in and licked my human’s ear yesterday morning.

I’ll see how my hunt goes. I shall report back on my findings…

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