Tuesday 28 October 2014

Mmmm, tasty green thing

My human is odd. I think I've mentioned this before.

He keeps lots of plants indoors, even though there are lots of plants outdoors. This makes no sense to me.

Many of these indoor plants are too high for me to reach, or I can only reach them by scattering books and DVDs all over the place... which causes my human to shout and make my delicate ears twitch.

Some of these plants are on low shelves or - even better - on the floor. This is handy.

Sometimes, after food, I feel a bit sick and need to eat bits of plant to make me feel better.
Sometimes, I just want to chew something and a plant is the nearest chewable thing.
Sometimes the plant annoys me, if its long dangly leaves prod me in the face, so I bite it as revenge.

Here is my favourite chewy plant:

One of the leaves prodded my ear yesterday, so I attacked it.

My human wasn't happy.

He keeps turning the plant round, to save some of the leaves. This is good, as I get to even them all out to the same length.

I've just seen a butterfly, outside. 

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