Sunday 19 October 2014

Let me sleep

I was a bit bored of my human, today, so I popped into the next garden and wandered into my other human's house.

This human has two cats herself, but they're a bit scared (of both humans and other cats), so I don't see them that often. They do leave food behind though. I always think it's a shame to leave food, so I eat anything they leave. This was the case today.

Once I was full (not a big fan of the biscuits this human gets, but I ate them anyway) I went to find the human of the house.
She was sat on a chair and she looked nice and warm, so I meowed, jumped on her, and curled up in her lap.

Unfortunately, she was a bit selfish and kept moving. I had to get up several times, walk in a circle for a bit, then curl up again. It's hard work finding the perfect sleeping position.
In the end, she was so fidgety that I got up, stretched, and walked off.

I headed outside and went
to the humans on the opposite side from the human I'd just left.

They don't have any cats, so they don't leave any food out. This annoys me a bit, but they do sometimes offer me bits of chicken and they give decent chin tickles.

I found one of the humans, again, sitting on a chair. I jumped up and gave him some friendly headbutts, then spun round a bit, before settling into a nice, comfy nap.

Yet again, this human was fidgety. At one point they got up and plonked me on the seat they'd just left. This is not what I asked for. I wanted a warm lap.

Eventually I wandered home and found my human watching a big screen. I hopped onto him, purred a bit, and settled on his lap, hoping that he'd be kind enough to stay still.
He kept shifting and stretching though, and he wasn't stroking my ears enough. I sometimes wonder why I bother with him.
I heard him say something about 'toilet', then he rudely got up, ruined my nap, and put me to one side.
When he came back, he tried to get me back onto his lap. Not a chance. I decided to curl up on another chair, with my tail wrapped firmly around my nose.

Humans: you can be so selfish sometimes.

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