Friday 27 March 2015

Too late

I really wanted to go outside, just a few moments ago.

I meowed at my human, but he didn't pay attention.

I went to the door and meowed next to it.

Then I started clawing at the edge of the door.

After that, I pawed and pawed at the door, standing up on my back legs.

When my human didn't pay me any attention, I went over to his favourite soft chair and started scratching it. He shouted 'Clive!'

I wandered back over to the door again, pawed it, and meowed as loudly as I could.

My human said 'fuck's sake, Clive!'... then opened the door.

He was too late though. I'd decided that I didn't want to go outside after all, so I walked off in the opposite direction.

Silly human.

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