Monday 16 March 2015

Catty headache

It is spring. There are more birds around.
They seem to have woken up.

I have been watching blackbirds, sparrows, thrushes,
and blue tits go backwards and forwards, left and right, while looking through a window.

At one point, I got really excited, and started chattering at a sparrow that was outside.

Then one particular blackbird caught my eye. It was flying back and forth, back and forth. My head was going side to side, watching it... then I turned my head really quickly, and it hit the window with a 'boing'.
This completely rattled my little catty brain. I had to do a big catty head shake, then jump down from the window. No more bird watching for me today.

Now my head feels all funny. I keep having to nap.

I'm going to have another of those naps.

If I feel a bit better
, later, I'll stare at my human until he gives me some of whatever he's eating.

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