Sunday 8 March 2015

A new human

A new human - one I'd not seen before - came round to see my human today.

I quite like new humans. They may well have some tuna with them.

As she came through the door, I gave a 'hi!' meow, and headed towards her legs. I criss-crossed in front of her, rubbing those legs, but she didn't seem to pay me any attention.

She sat down on a chair, but didn't look at me. I like humans who do this.

She continued not looking at me, so I wandered over to her. I meowed, but she didn't put a hand out to pat me.

After what seemed like 10,000 catty years, with no attention, I jumped up onto the seat next to her.

I purred and gave her arm a series of catty headbutts and nose nudges.

She gave me a strange look, then looked away.
  I decided I should curl up next to this human.

I snuggled in, next to her leg, and laid my chin on her.

She still wouldn't look at me.

I like this human.

I hope to nap on her again.

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