Wednesday 4 March 2015

I has ways to get in

I was wandering around, yesterday, when I heard my human's vroom, from a distance. I know its particular sound: it growls and squeaks.

I ran across some gardens and arrived next to my human's vroom, just as it came to a stop. I wanted to greet my human... and I was hungry.

I meowed and meowed, to say 'hi', and sat next to the door to his vroom.

He usually opens the door immediately, pats me on the head, and scratches my ears, but he didn't do that.

He had something to his ear, and was talking and talking, not paying me any attention.

By now I was so hungry, I feared I might die. I needed to get indoors and eat.

I kept meowing and meowing at the vroom door, but my human wasn't listening.

I jumped onto the front of the vroom, but still no attention.

I spotted something sticking out of the side of the vroom. It looked important so I started batting it with my paw... then I started pulling it back with my paw. It started to loosen, and wiggle a bit.

I heard my human shout: 'Clive! Stop it!'

Ah, some attention!

I kept pulling the thing on the side of the vroom, and my human opened the door, shouted 'Clive!', and sighed.

He then spoke into the thing by his ear, and said; 'I'll call you back, mate'

I led him to the front door - being sure to rub against his legs a few times, and purr - and he let me in.

I led him to the food bowl, sat by it, meowed a few times, and finally - finally! - he fed me.

Silly human.

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