Friday 1 September 2017

Door for me?

There's been lots of noise in the new place today.
This has disturbed my naps.

I came downstairs to see why there was noise, and because I was hungry, and saw something strange in the door... but something I've seen before.

There was a magic catty door in it. A door just for me.

I've seen these when I've visited other humans, but my own human has never had one.

This must mean I can go outside and see my new territory.

I walked towards the magic catty door, but bumped my nose on it. It didn't open.

I looked up at my human and meowed.

He said 'not yet, Clive. Tomorrow'.

I meowed at him again.

I stared through the magic catty door - looking outside.

I left a big poo for my human and went for a nap.

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