Wednesday 30 August 2017

Freeeedom!... nearly

I was sleeping upstairs earlier, when I heard my human's voice... and another human's voice... and I felt a breeze... which meant air was coming in from somewhere... from the outside...

I slowly crept downstairs, keeping low.

I got to the bottom of the stairs.
I could see my human. I could still hear the other human.
I could feel air and smell outside smells... the door was open!

I got closer to my human... and he saw me.
He said 'no, Clive' and put his foot in the way. I tried to go round it, but my human was too quick, and closed the door.

I think the other human was confused.

My human carried me to another room.

When I left that room, the other human had gone and the door was closed.
I pawed and pawed at the door, and meowed, but it was no good.

I was annoyed with my human.

I have since spent my time flapping at paper, clawing plastic bags, clawing the bed, and sitting on things that look like they'd be important to my human.

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