Sunday 3 September 2017


I came downstairs to get food, and my human was stood by the magic catty door.

I looked up at him.
I looked at the door.
I looked up at him.
I looked at the door.
I meowed at it.
I pawed it.

My human put his hand to it, pushed it inwards... and it opened.

I put my head by it, and sniffed.
I put my head in the hole... then pulled it away.
I put my head in a bit further... then pulled it away.

My human said 'Clive, don't be daft - it's a cat flap'

I put my head in, lifted a paw up and put it in, lifted my other paw and put it in... then squeezed through. My back legs got a bit stuck, but I was outside.
I was in my new territory.

Everything was different.
Everything was weird.

I had lots of sniffs.
Nothing smelt of me.

I found a small wall and it had a catty scent.
It was only the smell of a little cat though.

I walked slowly round the edges of the big bit of grass.

I could see new bushes. Some would be good for napping under.

There was a really big bush and it smelt of a bigger cat.
I didn't like this. I shook my tail and had a wee on it - now it would smell of me.

I stayed out and had lots of sniffs.

Then I got tired, as I'd used my catty senses so much, so I had a nap by a bush.

I has lots to explore.

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