Monday 11 September 2017

Too much moving

I like being around two humans, and getting equal amounts of fuss from them, but they can also be annoying.

I like to sleep on the bed with my human. He's warm and he has a fat, so he's nice and soft.
It also means I can easily demand food if I has a hungry.

When he's all wriggly, which wakes me up, I can usually move somewhere else.

But two humans means double the wriggling. Both my human and the female human wriggle lots during the night.
This means I keep waking up from my naps, and keep having to move to find my perfect napping position. This involves standing up and turning in a circle lots of times, before plonking down again. It's very tiring.

I wish they'd realise that it's more important for me to be comfy and get sleep.

Silly, wriggly humans.

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