Wednesday 23 August 2017

Even more confused

My human kept me in the strange room for a long time.

He kept coming in to give me ear scritches, food, and to take away my poo.

I was confused, so I had lots of naps and kept quiet.

The female human kept coming in too.
I like her - she gives good chin tickles.

I had a bored though.
Eventually my human came into the strange room and said 'come on, Clive'.

He left the door to the room open, so I walked out of it.

I had a big confused.
Everything was different, and big, and weird ... and nothing smelt of me.

The floor was soft. I used to walk on hard floor.
The walls were brighter.
Rooms were completely different.

I walked into one room and had sniffs.
I left that room and went into another room. I had more sniffs.
I swished my tail and looked up at my human. He said 'it's okay, Clive'.

Then I finished sniffing the rooms and realised there was a big, long, bumpy thing to walk down... and even more rooms.

There was a big window. I looked out of it.
I wanted to go outside.

I walked in and out of all the other rooms. None of the corners had any catty scent on them.

I kept staring up at my human.
I meowed at him.

It was lots to take in.
I went upstairs and had a nap.

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