Monday 28 August 2017


I has a bored.
I've explored all of the rooms in the new place and found my favourite napping spots, but I've seen a new territory out of the windows, and I want to go outside.

I want to have outside wees and poos.

I want to mark my territory.

I want to have outside sniffs.

I want to see which plants are good to sit under.

I want to see if there are catty friends or enemies on my territory.

I has a sad.

During the day, I sit by the big window, where it's sunny, and look out.
I turn round and meow at my human, but he doesn't let me outside.

At night, I look out of the window with the big shelf to sit on.
I swish my tail and stare at things.
My human still doesn't let me outside.

I want to see and sniff my new territory.

I shall meow at my human, and sit on things he needs, until he lets me outside.

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