Monday 21 August 2017

So confused

I has a confused.
Lots of strange things have happened.

My human put me in the big, weird, plastic box yesterday - the one that normally means I'm going to see the catty doctor.
Then he put me in the vroom, which started moving.
I don't like this... but I felt quite calm... there was a nice catty scent in the car and my human kept saying something about 'Feliway'.

The female human sat with me, so I had a happy for a bit.

Then it felt like I was in the box for ages, so I got stressed and started meowing.

The female human kept saying 'it's okay', and stroking my nose through the bars on the box.

Then the vroom stopped.

My human carried the box into a place that smelt all strange, and put it down in a room.
He opened it, to let me out... and everything was new and weird.

I hadn't seen this room before.
Things were different colours. Boxes were in different places. Nothing smelt of me.
I had an anxious. I swished my tail. I sniffed things.

My human said 'it's okay, Clive', and gave me an ear scritch.

There was a poo and wee box in the room, some water, and some food.
I ate the food.

I had some more sniffs.
I stared at my human.

I found my old catty bed, but I didn't want to sleep on it.
I saw a strange bed and jumped up onto it. I found a comfy corner of it and had a nap.

I've been in this strange, new room for a while.
My human keeps coming in and giving me chin tickles and food.

I has a confused.

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