Friday 25 August 2017

Less confused

I has had lots more sniffs of this new place, and I'm a bit less confused now.

Not everything smells of me yet, but I'm getting used to it.
I has some new favourite places.

I like the big flat bit, right at the top of the big, long, bumpy thing. This place is good for naps, and I can watch the humans by looking down on what they're doing.

I like the corner of the bed in the room my human first put me in - it gets lots of sun, so I has warms when I nap.

I like the long shelf that's by a big window. I can look out of this window, at my new territory.
I has a bored - my human hasn't let me outside yet.
I have been doing bigger, smellier poos, in my poo box, to let him know I'm unhappy.

I also like the soft, green chair. It's good for napping and dribbling on.

I'll rub my face on more doors and chairs and see if this makes me happy.

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