Saturday 17 December 2016

Still not down

I spotted a spider on the toilet room ceiling, 20,000,000 catty days ago.
I stared at it, hoping it would come down so that I could have a nice, crunchy snack.
It didn't come down.

I came back over the next few days and stared at it.
It didn't come down.

I kept coming back and staring at it.
It didn't come down.

My human came into the toilet room and said 'Clive, why are you staring at a corner?'
I meowed my frustration at him, asking him to get the spider down for me.
He said 'awwwww', and patted me on the head. Idiot human.

I has come back today to stare at it.
I don't think it'll ever come down.
I has a sad.

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