Monday 12 December 2016

In. Out.

I was restless last night, so I meowed at the door to go outside. My human ignored me at first, so I made sure that my meows sounded urgent, until he came to the door and said 'alright, alright - give it a rest', and let me outside.

I sniffed a few things then felt hungry, so I went to another door, because it was nearer, and meowed urgently until my human arrived and opened it. He said 'already? You've only been out two minutes'.

I didn't know what he meant, so I led him to my food bowl, where I meowed urgently to be fed.

After my human fed me, I looked around, saw the window open, jumped up, and went outside.

I forgot there are no meeces at this time of year, got a bit bored, and went to a different door. I meowed urgently and pawed and pawed to be let in.
My human opened the door and said 'for fuck's sake, Clive!'
I wasn't happy at how long he'd taken to let me in, so I did a mini-growl at him.

I headbutted some walls and some chair legs, as they didn't smell of me, then pawed at the door to be let out. I'd forgotted that I needed a wee.
My human just made a huffing noise and let me out.

After my wee, I fancied a nap, so I jumped through the open window.
I went to find my human, as he's made of warms. I walked up to him and meowed, and he said 'Shit! Where did you come from? I thought you were outside!'

I purred, then blinked at him.

I had a nap.

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