Sunday 4 December 2016

Hurty ear

There's a cat on the edges of my territory that I don't like.
We saw each other yesterday.

I hissed at him.
He hissed at me.
I hissed at him.
He hissed at me.

He paw-swiped me.
I bit him.

He paw-swiped me.
I grabbed him with my front claws.

We both yowled at each other.
He walked off.

I went to see my human.

My ear felt hurty.

My human started looking at me and said 'what have you done?'

He put water on my ear.
I didn't like it, so I meowed.

He dried it.
I meowed again.

He said something about 'vet'.

I went to have a nap.
My ear was still hurty.

I has a sad.

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