Saturday 31 December 2016


I had a sad.
I hurted my bum bone and I wasn't happy.

I tried to let my human know about this, with sad meows and being annoyed when he picked me up.
My hurty bum also made me walk funny.

My human - eventually - realised something wasn't right. Idiot.

He took me to the catty doctor.
I don't like the catty doctor.

The catty doctor let me walk about a bit, but I didn't like this. Everything smelt weird.
She felt my sides, my belly, then my tail and bum... which was really ouch and made me get angry and go all bitey.
Idiot human.

She put something cold up my bum, which also made me go bitey.

Then she put something sharp in my neck... and everything went all nice, and warm, and fuzzy... mmmmm.

My human took me home in the big box and I was happy.
I still felt all nice, and fuzzy, and sleepy, and dribbley.

I blinked lots at my human. I had a happy. I had a sleepy.

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