Sunday 18 December 2016

Crinkly paper

I came in through the window, meowed to my human, then went to see him.

He was near our bed, sitting on the floor - surrounded by strange objects, rolls of coloured paper, sticky plastic stuff, and shiny bows.

He kept taking objects, rolling out paper so it was flat, then putting the objects on the paper.
I've seen him do this before, at the same time of year.

I like this paper. It's crinkly. It makes funny noises when I walk on it. It's nice to sit on.

I went over to where my human had rolled out some paper, headbutted his arm, then sat on the paper.

He said 'Clive, I'm trying to wrap stuff'.

I didn't understand, so I blinked at him.

He picked me up and moved me off the paper.
I had a sad.

I licked my bum for a bit, waited for him to roll out more paper, then went over and sat on it.

My human said 'Clive, stop it'.
I purred, then rubbed my face on his leg.

He moved me again.
I had another sad.

Then I spotted some shiny bows and lay down on them.

My human put his head in his hands and sighed.

I was comfy.

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