Wednesday 28 January 2015

Too high

I went out this morning and saw a squirrel. It's a bit early, and cold, to see squirrels.

I was excited, so I swished my tail, did a bum wiggle, then ran at the squirrel.

He shot across some grass and over a fence. I chased him across the grass and up the fence... which was very tall.

When I got to the top, I was very confused. I couldn't just jump down again.

The squirrel ran off and I stayed at the top of the fence, meowing. It was so high.

I must have stayed on that fence for about 479,000 catty hours.... I wasn't happy.

I was thinking whether I'd have to stay up there forever, when a very strong wind knocked me off balance and I fell off the fence.

I hadn't died and I wasn't injured.

I licked my shoulder, pretended that's what I'd planned to do anyway, and went home to eat chicken.

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