Wednesday 14 January 2015

I has new friends

My human doesn't yet know, but I sometimes go to other houses for food and extra belly rubs.

I'm very good at acting cute and know just the right purr, and the right number of leg rubs, that most humans like.

At one of these houses there are two other cats: a tabby and a black and white cat. They're both smaller than me, but we get on really well.

Whenever I see them, we sniff each other for a bit, circle each other, then rub noses. Sometimes we have a chat. We've even sat by the window and chattered at sparrows together.

I also like them because they're small, so they have smaller tummies, which means they eat less ... so I get to eat what's left in their food bowls.

After that, I usually have a nap then head back to my human.

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