Thursday 22 January 2015

Don't they know me by now?

Not happy.

I went to see one of my other humans last night.

I was greeted with a big, human 'hellooooooo', pats on the head, and a chin tickle.
One of the humans in this house picked me up and tried to cuddle me. I'm not a huge fan of this. I'll let humans cuddle me for a bit, whilst looking away (hoping that they'll get the hint), then I start squirming.

This was all fine, but later that night I went to get some food and they've changed what they're putting out. It's not as nice as it was before, and it lacked chicken.
I meowed in protest, but no-one tended to my needs.

This morning, after a long nap, I went to get some more food when the human put it out ... and there was still a lack of chicken. I meowed my displeasure once more, but it was no use - they didn't listen.

I have come back to my usual human for now.

He served me something with beef in. This wasn't ideal, but it'll do.

I have decided to lick my paws and my bum while I consider my next move.

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